This Network of Excellence supports the cooperation of international experts (both scientists and military) in the field of psychological resilience for the military personnel.

The mission of the Network of Excellence is to keep psychological resilience on the agenda of the armed forces, raise sufficient awareness and draw attention to important developments and develop it further by providing an exchange of knowledge by a network of experts. We have the duty to inform ourselves and society on this important topic and to motivate and stimulate the armed forces to pay sufficient attention to this.

The scope is on psychological resilience, in the entire career cycle in military domain (from selection through to post-active veterans).

Our activities will include the initiation of a strategic research agenda on psychological resilience for military. The following steps are identified:

  • Describe the knowledge landscape and subfields
  • Describe the State of the Art on each subfield
  • Identify knowledge gaps and future research requirements through the analysis of the State-of-the-Art knowledge landscape

Our way of working includes bringing together international experts for a working meeting during the yearly IMTA conference. 

The initial focus of the network is on European experts, but non-European experts are most welcome to discuss how they can get involved in the Network of Excellence.


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